About the works of art

Godfried’s sculpting is figurative and sometimes immersed with symbolical elements. The beauty of the human body is an eternal source of inspiration and challenge. Preferably, Godfried works using a female model, both in his sculptures and in his drawings.

The materials he uses while sculpting are dark fine-grained clay, red sculpting wax, bronze, plaster and rock. Sculptures made in clay are patinated and are suitable for outdoor placement. Sculptures made in wax are turned into rubber molds that are used to make hollow wax casts. Around this hollow wax model, a plaster mold is made in order to cast a bronze sculpture using a method called lost-wax casting. The casting of the bronze is outsourced.

Godfried draws and paints using chalk, acrylic paints, watercolors or bistre. He uses different types of paper. Godfried is a self-taught artist. He was schooled artistically by Joyce van Ooyen (pottery wheels, Bingelrade, Limburg, The Netherlands) Guido Ancion (clay modeling, Bingelrade, Limburg, The Netherlands) Hans Meeuwsen (Haarlem, the Netherlands) and George Schelstraete (drawing, Gent, Belgium). He was taught mold-making techniques for bronze casting in Heerhugowaard. In Tongeren, Belgium, he specialized in glazing techniques. As an experienced teacher in many different areas, Godfried enjoys to profess his knowledge and experience by instructing workshops in his own studio in Sittard, or on location.