Teach your hands to follow your heart ..

Modelling Lessons

Godfried is an outstanding teacher of figurative art. He teaches sculpting in a inspiring way in his spacious studio in Sittard (the Netherlands). Classes take place in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, but with serious work as standard. Sculptures which are present in the studio inspire the students to deepen their talent.

Both novice and experienced students are welcome. For the duration of 10 lessons students will regularly work with a nude or portrait model. Students can also work to their own inspiration. Sculpting both figurative and abstract can be teached. Materials that can be worked on are clay and modeling wax.

In recent years several students from Dutch and Belgian art academies took sculpting classes with Godfried.

Visiting the studio

Are you interested in attending classes by Godfried? Please contact us by email to make an appointment to taste the atmosphere. You’re welcome!