You take some small
Pieces of wax
Roll and press them in a ball
Sculpt that wax, that’s all!


Close your bright blue eyes
My love
Gently leave your beautiful form
That’s resting in my lap

Your soul is on its way
To where it’s no longer held back
By that old body of yours
Find my darlings
Who left before you did
To where you’re going now
And who are waiting for you
So you can shine again.

I know you’ll wait for me
Until my time has come
Until then
Our hearts will travel together
‘Till then.

Rest in peace my sweet Dito


Talk to me
My love
Open your heart
And let me in
Or let me
and open your heart
but talk to me
See me stripped
Of weapons and walls
I’ll take off my armor
When I see you
Let me enter
Your broken heart
Like I lay mine
Just as fragile
In your hands
Please let me.

Godfried ©


Soft eyes
Freckled face
Frozen sadness
For he who can
See through the cracks

Godfried ©

Europa and the bull

A shiver trembles my womans back
Your imposing presence
Your lustful power; so intensely
When your hot breath roaring snorts
My Zeus, my Bull!
Take me full and deep, let me scream of pleasure
Today! My God … give me fame
Europa is my name!

Godfried ©
2013 June


My sword

With you I would’ve liked to catch little tadpoles
In a net made out of stockings
Building treehouses
And hunt down lions in the forest
You could have made me a knight
Not knowing what I missed
A boy’s dream unfulfilled
Safely resting in my mothers’ lap
Loved, cherised and smothered
Peacefully kept in her lap
I became partner and mother’s boy
Got my armor yet remained a squire
A knight without his sword
For years I fought a losing battle
And drowned my sorrows in women’s laps
A quest for my heart and my goal
Yet lost in women forevermore
Judged in blame, wrath and guilt,
until i bowed out for you and mothers’ will.
Now, here I am, released from mothers’ chest
Pulled up my pants and forged my own sword.
Laying down my armor
For I’m going to find my place as a
Man between Men.
Knight of my own life
Sword in hand, no wars to fight.

© Godfried
November 2009

Closer than ever

I’m in bed, the light are off
Next to me I feel you
A sensation on my skin
I know you’re still awake
When my hand rediscovers
Your soft skin
Gently I caress you
Inside and out
Feel me closer than ever
When your body
Warm and wet
Embraces mine

October 2012

Goodbyes left unsaid

Daddy, daddy! My daddy.
I’ve missed you so, so much.
When you left without saying goodbye.
Can I hold you, daddy?
Just for a bit longer, and again,
One more time.
Just until I’ve absorbed you,
Until the panic of the sudden farewell
Settles I’m my heart
Then I will bow to your faith,
And ask you to smile for me,
So I can find my own path.
Only then I can hold you,
Yet let you go.
Knowing you’ll be there
When I’m living my own life.

© Godfried
November 2009

Morning ritual

The veiled morning light playfully and defiantly
Searches her place on your body
In the shadows, I admire the lines of your body.
As you put your hair up as part of your morning ritual,
Gently touched by the morning light,
Your golden aura almost visible,
And as the sunlight lightens your left,
I want to touch you like the light does.
Your hairpins waiting on the side of the sink,
Your hands searching, straightening, doubting,
Like every morning, like only you can,
Fixing your hair in silence.
In the shadows I see your skin glisten,
Hazily, I sense your soul nearby,
Undressed, in your morning ritual.

© Godfried
September 2010